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Everything You Have To Learn About Liveaboard Diving

Everything You Have To Learn About Liveaboard Diving

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You've finally decided to dedicate an entire trip to misool liveaboard the world, just one step away from the daily dive sites -- or you're already hooked, and have just booked your next liveaboard excursion.

Everything You Need to Know About Liveaboard Diving


Many liveaboards sail far from home, multiple times zones apart. To allow your body to adjust to the extreme time difference and to sleep off jet lag, you must arrive at least one day prior to departure. A lot of divers arrive on the shipand have to spend the initial days in a fog, failing to pay attention during briefings or not knowing important details about the ship or dive techniques. A day before departure ensures that you aren't stressed out about not getting to the boat if you experience delays in your flight.


Flip-flops, shorts or skirts that dry quickly loose T-shirts and possibly a sarong are all you require for liveaboard diving. Also, you'll need at least two tanks or swimsuits to keep warm. It's not necessary to have everything else. There's no need for makeup, elegant dresses and slacks or multiple pairs of shoes. We guarantee you will not use these items. You could use your luggage allowance to store your dive equipment in case you own it.

Before you go, test YOUR EQUIPMENT

How many times have you said or heard someone say "I just hd this thing serviced!" While it's a great idea to have your gear serviced before departing for an extended dive, it's an even better idea to do it well in advance so you can test your freshly repaired gear before leaving and make sure it's in functioning order.


Are you looking to eat vegetarian food on the vessel? Maybe you suffer from a food allergy or prefer having a smaller tank. Be sure to make any specific requests to the cruising Indonesia company before you book your trip, not when you arrive and board the vessel. Most, if not all liveaboards are eager to meet guests' requests, provided they have enough time to do so.


You read the captain's report for months, and you hear stories of sea monsters, whale sharks, sea mermaids and other marine life. Then, at the end of the day, you're disappointed that you didn't spot the creatures. This doesn't mean that you won't see something on your cruise if it wasn't last week. These are wild animals, and they behave accordingly. Although there are no guarantees of sightings, your team will make every effort to increase your chances. Enjoy the moment and be thankful for what you have seen.


Tips: Regardless of your cultural traditions or geographic location, you can tip. Tips are essential for crews on liveaboards to be able to endure. Crew members work hard to ensure you enjoy a a memorable trip and that you're secure on your journey. They'll quit without a reward for their efforts. The basic pay rate in the diving industry is not high. Set aside 20 percent of the cost of your trip -- in cash -- and place it in an envelope. Some companies do not give tips to crew members using credit cards.


The crew members on your charter will be eager to communicate with you even if they don’t speak your language. So chat with them and explore the possibility of getting to know them as thoroughly as you can. Do not be afraid to inform your crew members if you have an issue. They aren't able to assist you if they don't understand. Even the most quiet crew member will be open to helping with questions or with equipment.


It is important to be prepared. Trip cancellations can be caused by sickness, weather, or the loss of diving equipment. While any of these situations are unfortunate, it doesn't have to be a concern when you're covered by trip insurance. Infections can cause havoc on a charter for everyone onboard and you shouldn't be the person who is. If you choose to take a dive despite being sick, you may get injured, and suffer blow-up eardrums or damaged sinuses, or be a risk to the crew or passengers. You can rest and then try again when you feel completely healthy.

Relax and have fun when you plan your Misool Indonesia vacation. Don't worry about the little things. Are you having camera problems? Leave it behind and enjoy a dive without watching it through the lens. Are you irritated by your dive buddy? You can change the situation and use a guide for meeting new people. liveaboard diving excursions are expensive, distant and unpredictable. Do not let these issues get to you. You have signed up to an adventure, therefore you should enjoy the journey.

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